Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Week 67: Miracles happen when children pray

Hey guys,

Last P-Day we went to Papenoo because Elder Paxman wanted to visit his old converts and ward that he served in when he started his mission -- like me except I was assigned to the Fa'aripo ward. Elder Paxman finishes his mission this week and is returning home, so it's a final hurrah for him. Then we had a killer FHE with a the Tuahu family who had invited an investigator, Sebastian (it's a different Sebastian) and yes, he is also from France, but he will soon be married to a Tahitian who is super active in the church, and Sebastian is super interested in our message and what the true church is all about.

Tuesday we had a great day of lessons, especially with the family Taiti. The dad is a member and has two kids. He felt that he should retake the missionary lessons with his family, so we have been doing lessons but just with him and his kids. The mom didnt want to, but we have been commiting them to pray every night as a family, and to read. They want to do lessons everyday!!! haha

On Wednesday we had a lesson with Sebastian which went super well. Lessons just go so well when the investigator is humble and ready to listen!! Then we had a lesson with the family Diard, which went super well also ... the wierd thing is that our two most potential investigators are French guys, hahaha. It's weird because French people are usually more stubborn when it comes to the gospel.

Thursday was a normal day -- nothing too special, but we found a new investigator.

Friday we had our district meeting. We had a lot of miracles in our district and zone this week -- it was awesome! Then we did a split with Elders Clements and Heiata. I was with Elder Heiata in their area. They are also the missionaries in the office so we had to do some of the office stuff, which gave Elder Clements a little break because they are super busy with all that, and they always go home just super beat haha!

Saturday was a good day. We had another lesson with the Taiti family, and guess what: THE MOM CAME!! She saw her kids saying prayers and reading and she wanted to come!!!!! Then we went to McDonalds with them -- the world is cursed with McDonalds: you cant get away from that garbage food!

On Sunday sooooo many investigators had come to church it was super great! Our gospel principles class was full!!!!!!! Then we did our weekly numbers report and the zone of Aru'e caught up to the other zones, so we are no longer the worst zone -- we are tied! We are super proud of our missionaries in the zone; they have worked sooo hard that these past few months we have had some awesome miracles happen.

Love, Elder Boyd

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