Saturday, November 12, 2016

Week 64: An investigator's prayers are heard and answered.

Ia ora na guys!

It's been a pretty normal week. There wasn't a whole lot of new stuff that happened, but life is good!

On Pday Paxman and I went to Papeete and played basketball with Elders Loamanu, Heckman, Harrah, Bradshaw, Ford, and a bunch of other guys. It was super fun and just a chill Pday. Most Pdays are super busy, but this time we just got to shoot hoops and then after that we had a family night that was pretty fun.

Busy Tuesday started out with a visit to see Nicolas. We are just helping him to prepare for his baptism this week. He is so ready, but there are still some problems with his parents so pray so that he can be baptised this Friday! That night we had our lesson with the D. family. S. was pretty worried because when he had that awful week a couple of weeks ago his boss required him to write a written explanation about his behavior. The boss will then have to decide if S. will have to go back to France or if he can stay here with his family! So during the lesson we talked about the Holy Ghost and it was a great lesson. S. wants to change soooo badly and he wants his family to be together.  You can see his desire to make things right. So we offered to give him a blessing, and then told him to pray so that God could soften the heart of his boss!

Wednesday was a normal day of lessons but we got a text message S. saying: "Bonjour...; la bénédiction et ma priére ce matin ont été entendues.. Mes chefs ont été cléments et me laisse ici... Merci.... S." Which means "Hello.. the blessing and my prayers this morning have been heard. My boss was merciful and leave me here... thank you...S.!" That was a super cool text to get from him. God definitely is helping him out. It is seriously a miracle that S. is staying here after all the "ish" that he has let happen. I am really happy for him.

On Thursday we had Leaders Council. It was a good meeting and it was good to see all of the zone leaders in the mission.

Friday we had a zone meeting and Paxman and I lead and had to give the lesson. We talked about the parable of the sower. It's a super great analogy for missionary work. 

Saturday is the day of "partying" here in Arue. It's the hardest day for us out here, There is so much drinking going on that it is insane.  I don't know why they do this out here but we always do our best and at least try and teach some lessons. Unfortunately we usually just end up with drunk guys saying weird stuff about the gospel and all you can really do is laugh. That afternoon we started our fast with the stake for missionary work! It was great to be part of a fast with the whole group.  
Church was great on Sunday. Vaitiare (investigator) finally came to church after about 10 Sundays of trying to get her there. She really loved it! We are going to try and commit her to be baptised this week. She really is so ready! 

Well that's about it guys. Have a great week and remember that the church is true and Jesus loves you...and try not to drink to much Diet Coke (moms of Alpine, Utah!) Hahaha!

Love ya!


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