Monday, October 31, 2016

Week 63: Satan is a "tool", but Heavenly Father clears the path for those who seek Him.

Hi Family! So this week was a really good one!

For Pday our zone wanted to build a fire and make s'mores...a little taste of America! So we went to a member's house where we could build a fire and we ate s'mores until we couldn't stomach one more bite.  It was funny because the Tahitians were super weirded out and they said that we Americans were crazy! Haha! We are not crazy...we just know a good graham cracker, chocolate, marshmallow combo when we see it!

Sofitel Hotel
Tuesday was a great day and we did a boatload of lessons..and when I say a boatload I mean a boatload haha!  Robert, the member who is blind, came with us again for part of the day. He is such a good guy and he is not afraid of anything at all...he really inspires us all. At 6:00 we had a lesson with R. D. and her family, and man they had really progressed since our last lesson. We could immediately see the difference in the family from the moment we walked in. On Monday night they read scriptures together and they are trying to let God into their lives.  It's crazy to see how the gospel heals families. We talked about baptism and they were a little hesitant, but we explained that they need to ask God first before making this decision.  If they ask with a sincere heart, they will know what to do.
On Wednesday we went to see Hiti and we set his baptism for the 18th of November. He was so excited! So he is focused on preparing for the baptism, but this week he is heading out to Huahine for a ramming competition called the Hawaiki Nui. Basically the ram is a big canoe race where 6 guys are in a canoe and they go from Huahine to Raiatea, then Raiatea to Taha'a, and finally from Tahaa to Bora Bora! It's the biggest competition of the year, they are literally ramming from island to island and it takes a lot of training and work. After we saw Hiti we went back to check on the D. family and they had taken a little step back. Satan is a "tool"!, The dad took a step backward because of a little argument they had at the house. Darn! But I know they can do this...they will start moving forward again. The gospel has already made a difference in their lives.

Orbeck's took us to dinner
Friday I went to over to Moorea to do a split and that was super fun! Moorea is a dope island and I would looooovvveeee to serve over there one day. It reminds me of Bora Bora. It is different but it kinda has the same feel to it! It's a great place to be and I enjoy going over there to work with the missionaries serving in that area.  

Early Saturday I took the boat back to Tahiti and man I was tired! But we had things to do so we did a few lessons and then that night we had our baptism!  Paxman and I were so pumped!  It was a little girl named Manahere. She is 9 years old, and she wanted to be baptized so badly.  We have been giving her the lessons and then "boom goes the dynamite" she was ready to go! 

Even though this baptism was a bit easier (kids are a little easier because they are so humble and they know what's right and they wanna follow wonder Christ wants us to be like little kids) it was so great! That baptism made all this work and all the trials we have watched so many of our investigators go through seem worth it! Paxman and I had a jam session to the Nashville Tribute Band on our way back home that night to celebrate!

On Sunday we gave the talks in Church. I spoke about testimonies...'twas grand!

On a mission you learn a lot about the plan of God. You see how God works and how He functions. But you also learn how Satan functions too, and man is that guy predictable! You know exactly when he is going to go after an investigator.  As soon as we set a baptism date or talk about it, and they say yes, the next thought in my mind is "buckle up" you are about to go on a wild ride for a bit! It really is true, but I have also learned that Satan is not patient. He is predictable and he has the same old tricks. But our Father in Heaven is amazing. He knows what to do, and He will always clear the path for those who seek him! 

Goodbye and love you all!


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