Monday, October 10, 2016

Week 60: The power of the gospel of Jesus Christ changes lives

Hey guys!  So this week was a great but kind of interesting one! Elder Packer really wanted to go and play tennis on P-day so we did! It was pretty great! Then after that we had a lesson with Roger (Terai) and Moeata and it was awesome!

Last week's hike on P-Day

Tuesday and Wednesday we went about our lessons and we had a lesson with Nicolas.  He is such a dope kid, you guys would love him! I told him he needs to move to Utah after he goes on his mission because he and I would be good buddies! I wanna teach him to snowboard, because with kite surfing he would be a natural. He said he will teach me to kitesurf when we all come back after the mission.  

After our lesson with Nicolas, "R" called. She asked us to come to her house immediately if we could.  We show up feeling a little nervous and she said that her husband was a little out of control.   We tried to share a good message with the family,  just to talk about God and Jesus and the atonement, but it just felt so dark in the house. There was just a horrible feeling, and you could visibly see how scared she the kids and have been of their dad.  We asked them to pray together as a family, and then we left and scheduled another lesson for Sunday.

On Thursday we had "Leaders Council" and it was great! With the last round of transfers we lost a lot of the zone leaders because they went home so there were a lot of new guys which was nice  because I'm not the new guy anymore!:) It's hard being the new guy who doesn't know anything but now there are a few people that really think I know my stuff! Hahaha! Elder Sovereign has been called as a ZL so it was fun seeing him and  a lot of my good MTC mish buddies were there! It was a great day!

Friday was a good day. We did a split with Elders Clements and Packer. I was with Elder Clements in my area and it was a good time.

Saturday was a pretty normal day but at 3 o'clock we did a fast with the stake for missionary work!!  Paxman and I have been trying to push the stake to get more involved in the missionary work, and it's getting a lot better. They are fasting with us and sometimes they even come to lessons with the missionaries!! It's getting better slowly, but surely.

This week I also saw my good buddy, Bryan Paofai, from Bora Bora. He was in Tahiti for a weightlifting competition! After his competition he called me and I headed over and talked to him for like an hour. We caught up and talked about Bora Bora, the ward I served in and his family. It was soooo awesome to see him. I miss Bora Bora way toooo much!!! I wanna go back someday soon!!

On Sunday after church we ate with Nicolas and his grandma and some of the ward then went to "R's" house for our lesson. Apparently by the time last Wednesday night rolled around things got worse with those guys! The parents started fighting and and there was some hitting and things got out of hand. "R's" husband ended up calling for some help and spent a little time in the hospital trying to get things in check. During that time "R" would say prayers with their two kids and I was so happy that she knew where to turn for help.  

Friday night her husband asked to leave the hospital and as soon as he got home they started saying family prayer together! When we showed up to the lesson on Sunday, there was a completely different feeling in that home. They looked happy, the kids were happy and they looked like a newly married couple! They spent time at the beach together and even did yard work together as a family.  The change was so quick and we could honestly feel the difference right when we walked in!  In the lesson we talked about the Restoration with the prophet Joseph Smith and the Spirit was so strong in that lesson! We asked them to pray about Joseph Smith and the church and to think about all the blessings that they can have as a family.

This week I saw firsthand the power of this gospel, how it can change people and families for the better. I know that if we live the gospel and just do the basic things, like saying our prayers reading our scriptures, we can be happy. The lord can heal every weakness and wound in our lives, and I saw this in action with our family this week. The gospel totally changed their whole perspective; it brought hope into their family, they now believe that they can be a happy family in spite of the mistakes that have been made!

If you ask me, that is what this gospel is all about.

Love ya!

Elder Connor Boyd

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