Monday, October 3, 2016

Week 59: Don't be a Dingus; Believe in Jesus Christ!

Hi Friends and Fam! Ok, so this was a decent week! 

On Monday we did a massive hike called the "Fachoda". It basically takes you to this super pretty waterfall, and at the top there are two "slick rock slides" and  a great swimming area. Unfortunately, we didn't get to swim :( but it was ok because there were a whole lot of missionaries that came with us. I got to see many of my good buddies, like Elders Sovereign, Murdock, Harrah, Elledge, Ford, etc. It's always nice to have a few moments each week to chill with them for P-day! 

The Fachoda Hike

Then we had two family nights so we did a split. I took Elder Clements with me and Paxman took Elder Packer with him.  It was a good time!

Tuesday we just worked to get lessons and checked in with Nicolas. Like I mentioned last week,  his dad will allow him to be baptized, but we had to move his baptism date to the 22nd because Nicolas wants his mom to be there. His mom is coming from New Zealand, and we still need to have the mom give her approval, so pray that the mom will accept his decision! Nicolas is super excited for his baptism! He is so funny!

Wednesday was just a busy day of was good. Then on Thursday I got to do a split with one of the APs and guess who it was? Elder Teamotuaitau, my very first trainer in Tahiti!  I was a little nervous for the split, but it was actually super, super fun! Elder T has become an awesome, humble missionary and it was fun to spend the day with that guy! We worked in his area, and that area is really poor! Even more poor than where I am right now.  It is hard to see. It was interesting to see all that needs to be done by the assistants, there is a lot to do!

Friday we had our district meeting, and it was a tough week overall for the district of Arue, but Moorea is doing great...I am super proud of those guys!

Beautiful Mo'orea

I was excited for Saturday, and as expected, conference was great! Elder Holland murdered it again in Priesthood session (make sure you do your home teaching guys, hehehe). That man can talk about anything and make it super spiritual and inspiring (maybe he needs to go off on Diet Coke so that every Mormon mom will stop drinking it...ha!). Then that night we went to the hospital to go and visit an Elder that's in the hospital and help him out with some stuff. His name is Elder Nathan Lloyd and he is from AF High School.  He is a great kid and super funny too! He is not feeling well right now but he will be ok. Then we went to give a blessing with Elders Clements and Packer. They wanted us to come because they were a little nervous about the lady that asked them to come and give a blessing to her cousin. The girl really struggles and used to slit her wrists and do some self-destructive things. She was obviously having a really rough time. We also talked to the cousin and she is struggling as well because her husband was not faithful.  We gave her a blessing and it turns out that she lives in our area so she wanted us to come by the next day!

The Sunday session of conference was nuts again! Elder Bednar slayed! Ha! After conference we went to the house of the lady that we met the day before.  Her name is R, and her husband was there too. He is a French guy and it turns out that he really wants to save his marriage and stuff. I felt bad for the guy because you could see that he was feeling horrible, that his sin was tearing him apart.  But it is making him really humble which is an upside, and the fact that we told them that there is hope if they repent and choose the gospel, we saw a little more hope in them. It was cool to see, because the French guy had been searching for help and everyone that he talked to told him that his marriage was finished and that he ruined it. We are the first people to say that there is hope if he really wants to change! 

The gospel is awesome guys! Just live the gospel and follow the commandments every day because it makes you happy.  So follow Jesus Christ and find your joy!

Love you all!

Elder Boyd

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