Monday, April 11, 2016

Week 34: Weddings, a Baptism, and a visit from President Bize

Holy nuts!  This week was crazy but awesome!

Monday after emailing we went and cleaned our house and then played some volleyball.  I get destroyed every time because Tahitians are natural maniacs at volleyball...I need Kennedi on my team. Then we played basketball and let me tell you, Tahitians play dirty! Haha! So it's always a crazy, competitive game.  It's super fun!

After a full day of lessons on Tuesday, we had so many lessons planned Wednesday, but we had 5 cancel on us so that was kind of a big downer.  But you know there will always be those kinds of days! That night we had our baptism with Zina (it's pronounced Teena) and man it was so awesome! Zina started taking the lessons a long time ago (like 3 years ago) and then we saw her at church one day and started talking to her and she wanted the lessons again!! She has just been sooo awesome! She was a bit timid about sharing her feelings about the gospel before, but at her baptism she was bearing her testimony! It was so awesome to see!

Friday, we had another wedding! Our investigator, Warren, got married and the wedding was super cool. They seemed so happy! Elder Puluiuvea played the guitar and I just held the microphone ... haha!  Yeah, I woke up super, super sick that morning but it was fun to be there. I was literally dying because I was worried I was going to get sick all over the place!

Then after that the wedding we still had a few lessons to do. Then I had to go home to get some more medicine and I just planned to lay down on the couch for 5 minutes then I woke up 5 hours later and Mr. Bean was there looking at me and I was so confused! Apparently they went on splits so we could get our scheduled lessons done, so I was happy about that, but sad that I missed our lessons!

Saturday: President Bize came to visit, but first we woke up and went to another investigator's wedding. Her name is Tehea and her husband is a member and she is planing on getting baptised soon.   It was an awesome wedding! They were both was happy crying..IDK you could just tell that they loved each other so much and that God has blessed them so much. They were truly happy! Just wait until they can get sealed to each other! 

So right after that wedding, a car pulled in with our next investigator, Taurahiti, and he was getting married! Hahaha! His wife is a member and that was awesome too! Taurahiti is just super funny! They were really happy too!

After that we had some lessons and President Bize went on a lessons with us. He is a good teacher! Then we had a meeting with President Bize and all of the members that have callings that focus on missionary work.  It was a good meeting and I learned a ton of new stuff and got some great, new ideas!

Sunday we went to church and the Bishop was at the podium congratulating Zina on her baptism and the two new couples on their marriages and Taurahiti was just walking in as the Bishop announced his name and he raised his arms up like "Oh yeah, I'm here" and everyone started laughing! He is a huge jokester haha! After church we had interviews with President Bize and then went to a couple of lessons and then we had a fireside that President did for our investigators. He just explained everything super well!  Why and exactly how God restored his church, and just made everything feel so perfect. It was so awesome! He is truly a powerful speaker.  

This week was super awesome.  I loved watching our investigators get married, and a baptism here in Bora Bora was a big reward! All of our hard work is paying off! Watching these marriages made me super excited for the next phase of life after my mission. I know there will be good times and tough times, but I'm excited that I can go through all of that with my best friend!  Families are crazy important and the fact that God gives us the chance to have an eternal family is a big miracle in our lives. It's something that I want more that anything and I want everyone else to have that miracle in their life too! We can see how much God loves us just by looking at the blessings of the temple and eternal families. God loves us wants us to be happy, but we can't be fully happy unless we choose him! 

Love you all!

Elder Boyd

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