Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Week 35: The cannons of Bora Bora and Kapualani's baptism

Hey Everyone! This was a pretty great week!

On Monday, we emailed and did our stuff and then all six missionaries on Bora went to see these cool cannons! 

Apparently during WWII, some U.S. troops came here and set up a base, and that's how America discovered Bora Bora and that's why it's a popular island today. I thought that was pretty cool! 

Then we had a great family night at our home! Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday we just stayed busy with lessons.  I can't really remember any significant details to tell you about, but I know they were great days! ;)

Friday was pretty awesome so here we go! We had a 3 lessons to do in two hours so that we could make it to District Meeting, but I told Mr. Bean (the district leader) that we  would be a little late. All three lessons were super long because they were lessons where the investigators were really touched and started crying (I have realized that this happens a lot here) and you can't just leave and say we have a meeting! A lot of people are going through hard stuff and when they feel the Spirit it just seems to come out of their eyes! It makes me realize that everyone has hard times and that I better never complain because my stuff is never that bad! I'm so glad that I have the most helpful tool to help them...the Gospel! 

So after the lessons we had District Meeting and it was uplifting like always. So about three weeks ago a whole group of kids started to call me Paul Walker, and guess what!!? It spread like wildfire!!!! All the little kids here call me Paul Walker now... not sure why, maybe it's just because I'm the next Paul Walker soooo yeah! Maybe I drive my bike like a maniac...hmmm...not sure. Hahaha!

Saturday was absolutely siiiccckkk (in a good way)! that morning we had the baptism of Kapualani! 

Kapualani was a reference from the ward and she is awesome! Kapualani's mother is an active member and she is from Australia... her name is Karen, so she and I always speak English to each other. Her husband is Tahitian and they have another kid named Caleo and he is just like B...he doesn't stop moving! He is 6. So we started teaching 9 year old Kapualani and she wanted to get baptized, the only problem was the dad, he is Protestant and he doesn't really want to be part of the "Mormons". It was honestly a miracle because when Kapualani asked her dad last week if she could be baptized he said yes! So we planned the baptism and she wanted it to be at Matira Beach so Craig (the American that owns that awesome restaurant out here) wanted to baptize her because he is very good friends with that family and we were like "Of course"! So Elder Escoffre (Mr. Bean) and I were the witnesses and we got to go in the water!  Pulu didn't want to get wet so that's why Bean helped me out...haha!  So yeah, it was so awesome! I took a selfie in the water and I'll send it because it's dope!  Haha! 

Craig did the prayer in English when baptized her. It was so awesome! Then Kapualani gave her testimony, and man that was powerful! She thanked her dad for letting her be baptized and she started crying so hard and then Karen gave her testimony,and yes she was crying too, and then to our surprise, the dad (Timi) gave a testimony! He said that he is just waiting until Caleo gets baptized so they can do it together. He will take the lessons and get baptized too!  That was just so awesome!

Sunday was a pretty normal day. During church Kapualani was confirmed and received the Holy Ghost and it was great. But at about 9:30 last night we got a call from a recent convert  who is 17 years old and really needed help! Her family is rarely there to help her and she was baptized not long ago! We just talked to her about how hard times will pass and she will get through it! I shared Romans 8:18 (it's an awesome scripture...I recommend that you guys go look at it) and gave her a blessing then we had to leave because it was pretty late and we and the member with us had to get home. We will keep tabs on her this week.

It really was a great week!! I really learned even more to LOVE missionary work and to LOVE people!! Love is a word of action, or I guess you can say it's a verb! When you love someone, do you DO all that you can to show them that you love them? That is real love!! That is how you love someone, you SHOW them! I think a lot about the life of Christ, that is what He did; He SHOWED us how much He loves us in everything He did!

Peace! And have a good week!

Love, Elder Connor Boyd

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