Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Week 33: Elder Sovereign and Andre leave Bora, but the work goes on

This week was good...except for a few sad good-byes.

Monday after emailing, we went to Boule Atiu's house and visited for a little bit and then we played volleyball and basketball; yes, I freaking wrecked it that day hehe!

Package from home ...

Tuesday we had lessons all the way out by Matira Beach which is completely at the end of our sector. It's super far away but always worth the pedaling and plus the beach is sooooo dang pretty out there! This was also the day that Elder Sovereign (my awesome buddy from MTC days) and Andre (one of my favorite members from my first area in Fa'aripo) had to leave. They were actually on the same plane, so we said goodbye to them both. It was pretty sad, I hate transfers! Sovereign was bawling but I was a rock haha! It's so hard to say goodbye to the people that you love and have served! 

It was super hard to say goodbye to Andre. I remember my first week in Tahiti when I couldn't understand a thing and I was kinda like 'woah' and he came and talked to me because he speaks English (he served a mission in Australia) and he said something to me that I have honestly been trying to do my whole mission. He said, simply, "have fun and work hard"! He has definitely influenced me greatly...you just really remember those people who took you in and helped you out when you are thrown into a whole new situation/country!  

I sat down by him when he was waiting for the boat to take him to the airport and he was like, "I'm gonna miss you man...good luck with your mission... and remember, have fun and work hard." It was just like my first week here again, but with a kind of respect for each other now, and then we stood up gave each other a hug and walked to the boat.  Then I gave Elder Sovereign a hug and told him "good luck" and that I'll see him again soon and they both left! I'm so glad I have had the opportunity to meet such amazing people here who I hope will always be in my life after the mission! I'm feeling really lucky. 

Wednesday we had some lessons as well as some contacting. It was a pretty busy day but I don't remember much of it haha!

Thursday morning we had a lesson with a guy that was about to go to prison. We talked to him last week for a bit but he wanted one more lesson before he went off to prison. So after the lesson he said he felt strongly to ask for another judgement (court hearing) again. So he did, and they are re-looking at his sentence! Wow! That was a small miracle!  

Then right after that lesson a member in the next house called us over to give her 32 year old sister (Oreillia),who was not a member, a blessing. The minute I saw her I could just tell that cancer had completely overtaken her body! She was skinny as can be and she tried to speak but it was just a small little whisper that you couldn't hear very well! We gave her a blessing and the spirit was nuts! She wanted to do a lesson with us the very next day. 

The next day was exchanges and it was totally the worst time to do them because I was in the other sector and I really wanted to be there for Oreillia (the lady with cancer) and she was on my mind all day. But I worked my hardest in the other sector and it was pretty fun! At the end of the day when I returned home I heard that the lesson with Oreillia had gone really well. 

Saturday morning Oreillia passed away. We immediately went to her house and were met by her sister with tears in her eyes and she asked me if I could say a prayer! So she turned to her whole family (who are not members...the sister is the only Mormon) and she introduced us. We went to Oreillia and it was so sad but I know the she is in a better place and is in paradise!  We circled around her and I said a little prayer.  I can't remember what I said exactly, but I know this prayer was guided by the spirit! The spirit was crazy strong! After the prayer we went to our scheduled lessons and got ready for a great conference weekend. The conference talks were amazing!

I'm super grateful for the plan of salvation and the atoning sacrifice of our Savior Jesus Christ. Without Him nothing is possible. He came and sacrificed for us so that we can have more chances, repent of our sins, and live with him again forever. Seeing how life can take us from this earth, leaving those we love behind for a short time, but knowing that we truly will be reunited again really hit home for me this week.  I love God, this work, and family with all of my heart!

Love,  Elder Boyd

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