Sunday, July 30, 2017

Week 102: Goats, boats, and the joy of missionary work

Hey guys sooo this week was a bit of a tough one because of the island parties and the arrival of the boat, of course haha, but it's okay, we were still able to have a pretty effective week!!

For P-Day we killed a goat. Sunday we had church and had a great lesson given on missionary work by my comp, and then we ate the goat that we killed the day before, followed by a super detailed planning session!

Monday-Wednesday were days that everyone was preparing for the boat to come. Everyone was way too busy to do anything, so we searched for ways to help people prepare for the boat. I prepared my suitcases to be put on the boat. We found lots of opportunities to help out Melodie with her work that she needed to do for the boat! The boat that comes here is called the Aranui; it's a cargo/cruise ship, so there are also tourists that come here for a day!! Wednesday we went to put my stuff on the boat, so now I'm living off just a few changes of clothes for the next couple of weeks!

Thursday Aldo's back was still hurting him, so we went to help with coprah again and elder Ugbah and I actually did a lot better, haha. We got used to the technique and were able to actually help him. It was good because we got to spend some quality time with him during the day!

Our lessons went well this week, and our investigators are really progressing, especially Melodie and Aldo!! Melodie is opening up a little bit more and having some cool experiences with the BOM. Aldo is great, but he is just sooo terrified of his parents. The thing that really worries him is his mom, because she has like a disease that if she gets a super high blood pressure, or if she gets really stressed or angry, she falls unconscious and apparently it's dangerous, so that's Aldo's biggest worry! 

But we had a really good lesson about the family and discussed how if he raises his family in this gospel his kids will turn out great, and their family will be more united and happier. You can tell that family is his soft spot -- family is almost everyone's soft spot, haha! His goal is really to have a happy family, so we feel that that lesson gave him a lot of courage!!

Friday I woke up a bit sick and we tried to do some lessons that we had planned, and then I rested.

This week I talked to my old comp, Elder Rybin, and he heard news that Sylvain Champier, a French guy that we taught in Bora Bora, just got endowed in the temple!! I was sooo happy to hear that!! It's sooo amazing to get good news from old areas about new members that you've taught!! And then, during personal study, I read a verse that really caused me to remember so many of the people I have been blessed to be a part of teaching here in French Polynesia (Alma 7:17).
And now my beloved brethren, do you believe these things? Behold, I say unto you, yea, I know that ye believe them; and the way that I know that ye believe them is by the manifestation of the Spirit which is in me. And now because your faith is strong concerning that, yea, concerning the things which I have spoken, great is my joy.
This scripture just made me reflect about all those times and testimony builders I have had on this mission that has given me such a great joy!!

Have a great week!

Elder Boyd  

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