Sunday, July 23, 2017

Week 101: Serving Aldo, a perspective on Faith

Hey guys. Soooo this week was great.

Sunday, we had a great day of church, haha, even though there weren't a whole lot of people there because of all the partying that happened last weekend! After church, Elder Ugbah and I did a super long weekly planning to figure out some stuff that we can do to help this area, and we really think that we need to spend as much time as possible with Aldo! So we planned to ask to help him out with his work and serve him a little bit more.

Monday we got to work and headed all the way to Hane on bike to go and visit Moeata. She is still doing really really well, she is just really busy with her dances and stuff like that, but she is still reading and praying and progressing so that gave us a little reassurance.

Tuesday Aldo twisted his back, so we went to help him and that was a great opportunity to spend the day with him. Basically the work we did is this thing called coprah, where you cut coconuts in half with an axe and then you cut the white out of the coconut shell with this special knife, and you and put it in big bags. After we did ten bags of that, we carried these super heavy bags 200 yards to his car and then we took it down to a dryer thing where they lay the coconut out in the sun for like four days then package it up and send it to a factory in Tahiti that makes coconut oil! A lot of people make their living off of coprah, but man it's really hard work! Aldo was super happy that we were there to help him. He kept saying "fortunately you two are here".

After that we had some lessons with Carla and Melodie, who is on fire this week! She is reading and praying and receiving a whole bunch of answers to prayers! Carla is doing ok; she is progressing slowly but it's ok! There are a lot of things she still needs to learn and understand, and GIVE UP haha! 

Wednesday we had a good full day of lessons and went to bed super tired!! I love that, haha. 

Aldo's lesson on Thursday was great!! Honestly, we are still not sure if he is going to make it or not to the tenth (his planned Aug 10th baptismal date), but we are praying soooo hard for him. There is a weight on his shoulders right now, but he can do it! I trust that God is preparing him by his own way and in his own time! 

Friday we helped Aldo again with some of his work and did some lessons!

This morning we killed two goats with Aldo, and we prepared them with him, and we will eat them tomorrow!! Yay!!! Haha, I got some sweet videos, sooo yeah!!

Something I learned on my mission is that God has a plan for everyone and he has things already prepared and planned for each individual. Our job as missionaries and children of our father in heaven is to have faith in Him and do the work that He has assigned us! It's as simple as that! For example, having faith in God doesn't mean that I know with a surety that Aldo will be baptized the 10th of august! Faith in God means that I trust that God is realizing the immortality and the eternal life of man in his own way, and that if I do the work that God has given me then I'm helping Him with that! 

Faith does help us know with a surety that every thing will be ok in the end, and that we will have peace..D&C 19:23: Learn of me, and listen to my words, walk in the meekness of my spirit, and you shall have peace in me! I'm so glad that I served in Ua Huka because that is something that I learned in this area!! In my other areas I saw miracle after miracle, even in Aru'e, which is a tough area, but here in this area I have really learned that no matter how hard I work, the area is only going to move at the pace that God has planned it to. Faith is an amazing principle!

Have a good week guys. I love you all.

Elder Boyd

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