Monday, October 12, 2015

Week 8: Nutella is really good

It has been another great week! Last week after we did our emailing we went and played beach soccer with my district.  I should have taken a pic because the island is so pretty from the beach...maybe I'll remember a camera this week. 

Last week after P-day we had the feeling to visit Noel, an investigator, so we went to his house and he had time for a lesson. We taught about faith and then after we finished I had the feeling to read to him the story of Jesus getting baptized, so I did. After that (in broken French) I gave him the baptism commitment and he said YES!  Awesome! The cool thing about Noel is that he was going to lose his home because of financial problems, but two weeks ago a miracle happened. He was able to get enough money and the bank decided to be patient with, him which is unheard of out here I guess. So wow! We also committed Marutea, Chantal, Vaitiani, Imiura and Jose to baptism.... so yeah, it was a dang good week!

We have 27 people we are teaching right now so the days are super busy but really good.  We have 15 of those who are really progressing well which is great. It can be frustrating because many people forget about our lesson appointments and leave or just can't do them at the time we scheduled -- always a bummer. There is one family that wants to be baptized in a year because the mom thinks her son isn't quite ready, but we think he is... geeezzz I wanna baptize her now...they will be so blessed when they finally commit.

Best food moment. of the week...I bought Nutella at the store, and Nutella is really good! Just sayin'.

I got to call Elder Sovereign and some of the others from the MTC to check in this week. It's cool to stay connected with them. We had a great bond from our first few weeks of missionary training together.

It's super fun to watch the surfers from the road...we live right by a very popular surfing spot and it is sooooo cool to see them shredding it up in the waves!  

I hear Kennedi is killing it in volleyball and I can't wait for wrestling to start for B! 

Love you all and have a great week!

Elder Boyd
View from our small Missionary home.

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